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1. Barisan Nasional  has unveiled their candidates. As promised, one third of the candidates are fresh faces.

2. Several ministers, component party leaders and old big-guns have decided not to contest. The ability of internal renewal is always a BN’s strength.

3. Unsurprisingly, few seasoned politicians still believe they are the winnable candidates until they are told they will not be fielded for this election. Well, they choose to be dropped rather than quit from politics gracefully.

4. Admittedly the list of candidates is far from perfect. Some candidates are questionable while some  old guards are still clinging to the position. Aren’t these people realise they are already past their use-by date? I wonder what they want to pursue in politics. They aren’t going to be Prime Minister anyway.

5. One candidate has been made the Chairman of the largest plantation company in the world.  Another candidate has become an MP since 1974 and now the longest serving MP in Malaysia. Still, these people refuse to make way for young generation.

6. Only 2.7% or 6 candidates are below 35 years old. This fact is very telling.

7. To blame the Prime Minister for not rejuvenating the party with fresh bloods is quite unfair. He has done his best. After all he is now leading the much weaker coallition compare to his predecessor.

8. Less than 24 hours after the announcement, one former MP has threaten to contest against the party and few divisions already preparing to sabotage the candidates. Imagine what would happen if all the ‘deadwood’ been chopped. This explains why the ‘deadwood’ are still there. Remember, this is democracy where you have to compromise a bit.

9. But that doesn’t mean we can’t change. These seasoned politicians should remember that it is their former bosses who brought them into politics and nurture them to be a leader. How many political secretary of ministers from the past have become politician? They must realise that when they were chosen, it was due to the support from the ground that helped them win, so it is now their turn to support them.

10. If they still reluctant, it meant they are self-centered and not to serve the rakyat. The party also will become weaker  because it comprise people who are stale and not talented.

11. They may say they still a winnable candidate. Well then, you train your successor to be a winnable candidate. Out of thousands party member, there must be someone who talented enough to be given a chance.

12. You must not overstay your welcome. Politics is like public services. You must retire in order to make way. Please don’t put politics in the same line as private sector organization.

13. It is time to give back to the party. The same rule apply for the opposition.

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