Why they criticise the government?

Thanks to the democratisation and liberalisation of internet and social media, we see almost everyone give opinion on almost everything that happens under the sun. As a political country, the job of managing Malaysia has become tougher and more challenging.

Everyday without fail, lots of government-bashing status, tweet and opinion being written in the name of ‘freedom of expression’. Yet, some people believe democracy is dead. Whatever, that is another matter. The obvious observation is, ‘learned’ individual or rather, intellectuals tend to become anti-establishment.

No wonder Tun Daim has said “urban voters everywhere in the world are anti-government”

Why? It simply because the government is perceived to be less smarter than they are. Just imagine, you work for a less-qualified boss. Every day you have to follow whatever ill-informed decisions and miscalculation actions they made. What do you feel? Of course you want to whack them until kingdom come. God forbids, heavens not, may it never be. Or else you lose your job.

Well, to whack a lesser smarter government won’t bring you any trouble. (Unless if you plan to topple the government of the day through undemocratic means. But to incite hatred, to spread lies and to be highly critical to the government is permissible.)

Now maybe some of you might be saying, in our workplace, we can always discuss with our superior when things get wrong. There is always a proper channel to air our dissatisfaction and disapproval. After all, we make constructive criticism.

Well you are right. But how many of you (the learned and informed) who use proper channel and be constructive when it comes to the government? The way I see it, even the government is doing the right thing, not only they denied a credit, they get whacked instead.

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One thought on “Why they criticise the government?

  1. ain salleh says:

    do u have any idea,
    why people in Town, Cities are supporting for PR ?
    why people in Village, Countryside are supporting for BN ?

    People in Shah Alam, Alor Star, Kota Bharu, Kuala Terengganu are all Malay Majority near to 90%.
    Can u describe it ? or make a blog entry on this issue ?

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