Now we know how the United States of America has become a great country. It is something that never been taught in any leading business school. According to the Head of US Intelligence, knowing what foreign leaders were thinking was critical to US policy-making.

Such critical the need of input from other countries that the National Security Agency (NSA) had led more than 61,000 hacking operations worldwide, bugged the EU offices, conducted an electronic eavesdropping operation on 35 world leaders and a total of 38 embassies were under surveillance. Malaysia included.

Not content with foreign countries’ input, the NSA also was collecting telephone records of tens of millions Americans, tapped directly into the servers of Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Yahoo, etc and monitor up to 600 million communications every day.

Ironically, all these things happened under the supervision of the country who lectures to the rest of the world about ‘rule of law’, ‘good governance’, ‘separation of power’, ‘democracy’ and ‘independence’. In fact they won’t hesitate to kill thousands of people just to ‘democratise’ them. Clearly this is the mother of all hypocrisy.

To the self-anointed sheriff of the world, stop preaching about something you secretly against. We know for a fact people and nations spy, even on friends. And it must be done undemocratically as democracy is not the panacea for all political and security problems.

Just admit it; the needs of the majority outweigh the right of individual. It has to depend on ‘undemocratic’ means to safeguard it from the freedom abuses.

In case the USA wants some input on their policy, go away with the system where it takes USD20 million to be elected to the Senate; where lawmakers spend more time to raise money rather than studying issue.

Please ensure the Congress not become a forum for legalized bribery or some drama that going to shut down the government again.

Ignore the lobbyist and pass the most common sense gun law banning assault weapons after the mass murder of schoolchildren.

Yes, you ‘s’can.

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