Kajang Move: Debunking The Strategist

Now we know that the reason of Anwar Ibrahim contesting in Kajang by-election is to fortify Selangor. According to Rafizi Ramli, the Kajang Move is to fend off any political attacks and manouvres from UMNO. The ever brilliant strategist further claimed the Prime Minister will be removed from UMNO.

It is worth mentioning that Tun Abdullah was forced to retire during the 2008 UMNO party election. Even the move to replace Tun Dr Mahathir as a president of UMNO 15 years ago was done through the same channel. And in case someone may forgot, the UMNO party election was held last year. Now Mr Rafizi, how do you explain this- if ‘the ultras led by Tun Dr Mahathir’ had wanted to take Najib down, why do hey return him as their president unopposed? Too much thinking of conspiracies  I think.

By saying that Anwar Ibrahim has to be (and lead) in Selangor on the basis that the state become the launchpad for Putrajaya, the strategist is also implying not Khalid Ibrahim, not Azmin Ali, not anyone else amongst Pakatan’s DUN members and certainly not even himself can ensure potholes in Selangor got filled up.

It is obvious the Kajang Move showcase the lack of talent and trust within Pakatan Rakyat where there is no one else except Anwar Ibrahim who can provide radical approach  in dealing with the water fiasco, Allah/Jais issue and public housing problem.

Not only Pakatan is short of talent, they are also so short of vision. Within 7 months after the election, suddenly they change their mind on who should lead the state. Does this mean similarly if they are the federal government, they will consider such move just to neutralise infighting? In other words, as long as there are people who sulk, Anwar Ibrahim has to pacify them by holding both PM and MB post. If this is the case, when the world-class leader will actually govern? So much of Pakatan Harapan Rakyat.

The argument lay by the strategist that they had to act early for the fear of repeating Kedah experience is superficial. PAS-led government in Kedah is different. It is true there was infighting but also the MB was sick hence he was not performing well. In Selangor, the strategist himself said Khalid Ibrahim has set the gold standard for his administration. So why the need to replace him? Especially with someone who is tainted, morally corrupted and most importantly has failed the whole nation during his tenure as Minister of Finance.

Actually, what the strategist failed to tell us is that his boss- notwithstanding his political prowess, has never been known for his administration skills. This can be seen by looking on his incapability to solve the feud between Khalid Ibrahim and Azmin Ali. What more, he was never an effective economic advisor. So Mr Strategist, is this your deal to Selangorians by offering the worse administrator to lead the state?

In case you may say this is the only option, please remember infighting for the top job is normal in politics. Barisan Nasional also faced the same problem in the past. But how do they react? They rotate the CM post among ethnic parties in Sabah in order to pacify all the component parties. In short, they share the political power. This is the greatest master stroke that you, Mr Strategist have to learn from your enemy.

To re-quote from you (pun intended), I hope that one day when you are still not in Putrajaya, you can look back to the “Kajang Move” as the game over in your quest for Putrajaya. I honestly hope that it will be your defining moments that disallow you from being one step closer to Putrajaya.


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