One Missing Jet, One Sunken Ferry, One Idiot


Malaysia Airline is merely a third world country’s airline. Therefore it do not understand the concept of transparency, responsibility and even how to coordinate search and rescue operation.

So when MH370 disappeared, the Government of Malaysia chose to hide the real cause of the great tragedy, lied to the whole world and mislead the international media. Of course it was deliberately done in cohort with 26 other countries. Strangely for this incompetent country, it managed to put together one of the biggest international search efforts the world has ever seen. Some of them often, don’t even get along. This must have been some accidental and through a fluke by Malaysia.

That the MH370 tragedy is unprecedented in modern civil aviation history was overlooked or ignored. Could it be because the country is governed by a brown-skinned Malay Government which just cannot be smart and destined to fail? Or could it be that this is the country when dealing with Asian Financial Crisis in 1998 has thumbed its nose at the global superpower by refusing financial assistance? God knows.

The raw hatred for Malaysia’s handling in MH370 by some members of  international media is mind boggling. Nothing is right about MH370. The impunity with which international media is casting aspersions on the pilots is disturbing. Is there any highly publicised investigations into the pilots’ personal lives during Air France AF447 crashed?  The double standard must be due to MAS’ pilots are the potential terrorist thus it is acceptable for Capt Zaharie Ahmad Shah’s private life to be torn apart.

The maker of the plane, Boeing is not at fault. MAS is. Boeing’s aircraft was and will continue to be safe to use. That is why they had said practically nothing to explain why the aircraft can disappear in mid-air so completely.

Apparently after 60 days, Malaysia can only write a mere 5 pages report.  It is very lazy and unimaginative of the Government. A smart Government would fabricate information such as claims of sighted debris or the countless theories of the plane to ensure the MH370 tragedy rendered a thick report. 

Given such circumstances, the Prime Minister of Malaysia should resign so that the darling of the western media, Mr Opposition Leader can take over the country and solve the MH370 mystery in a split second. In fact the president of United States did the same thing when he struggled to handle  the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Did he?

Whatever, Malaysia must take heed of the advice by the impartial international media, a true preacher of press freedom which truly exercised its freedom by tapping the telephones of the leaders to run its story and accepted bribes to soften reports about all kinds of shenanigans by powerful people. 

Thank you Mr William Pesek-an award-winning Bloomberg journalist for giving top marks to South Korea for its handling of its ferry tragedy. We now know in order to get an A minus,we must modified the vehicle and overload it with passengers. When disaster happens, we send rescue boats only to pick up the crews and left students to die.  Special thanks to CNN too.


I wrote this article not because I expect any Western journalist to apologise. They will not change. I write simply to draw attention to the fact that they are not the impartial purveyor of truth that people assume them to be.

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3 thoughts on “One Missing Jet, One Sunken Ferry, One Idiot

  1. IT.Scheiss says:

    Here are some excerpts of an Australian Associated Press report on Australia’s SBS (Special Broadcasting Service) had to say about the South Korean ferry disaster.

    “A probe into South Korea’s ferry disaster has heard that warnings over the ship’s seaworthiness were ignored, as rescuers work to recover more than 90 people still missing two weeks after it sank.”

    “Senior Prosecutor Yang Jong-Jin said the captain, identified only as Shin, told investigators that he had warned the shipping company of serious stability problems with the Sewol.”

    “When he advised the company about the problems, his warnings were brushed aside, he told investigators.”

    “The Chonghaejin Marine Co. purchased the then-18 year old ferry from Japan in 2012 and refurbished it, building extra passenger cabins on the third, fourth and fifth decks.”

    “Shin said the renovations altered the balance of the ship and undermined its anti-rolling ability.”

    “Kim, 71 (Kim Han-Sik, the CEO of Chonghaejin Marine), issued a tearful apology for the “horrible tragedy” the day after the accident, saying he and other company officials were responsible for a “grave sin” in letting it happen.

    “In Shin’s absence (the ferry’s captain Shin who was on leave at the time), the Sewol was skippered by captain Lee Joon-Seok, who is now under arrest along with 14 crew members.”

    “The coastguard released a video earlier this week showing Lee scrambling to safety as hundreds of his passengers remained trapped inside the ferry.”

    “President Park Geun-Hye apologised on Tuesday for her government’s failure to combat systemic and regulatory “evils” that may have contributed to the accident and for the “insufficient first response.”

    Clearly in the case of this tragic ferry incident, enough details which could have contributed to the tragedy are already known with admissions by top executives of the ferry company and South Korean president, so the arrests are justified and resignations honourable.

    In the case of MH370, we still don’t know what exactly caused its disappearance and who was responsible.

    If and when we know, then the relevant heads responsible or negligent should roll which would be fair but if the PM, Acting Transport Minister & Defense Minister, Director of Civil Aviation and Malaysia Airlines CEO resign now, the plane may never be found with no chance to know what actually happened to MH370.

    AAP & SBS are Australian, whilst Bloomberg is an American media company. That’s a major difference between them. Not that all Australiam media are wonderful but at least these two are decent.

    I’m also pretty tired of dissident Malaysians who snatch on any small detail out of context to serve their political agenda.

    Did they or Bloomberg call for U.S. President George W. Bush or the Secretary of Defense to resign over 9-11?

    Though next time one of Malaysia’s express bus crashes with fatalities due to confirmed driver or transport company negligence, then relevant heads should rightly roll.

  2. Anak Pak Mat says:

    Even Toyota recalled their cars from world market after it had been found that break malfunction of one their models was the reason for a fatal crash which cost the life of an American. And the western media pulling no punches making the most out it to discredit Toyota. Bear in mind that Toyota at that time recently had surpassed GM as the world largest car manufacturer.
    But not for Boeing, Its plane are still busy criss-crossing international air space around the world. The Western media said nothing about it as if it is absolved from the blame. The technology of MH370 is of Boeing. Boeing created the model. Of course they knew and could fully grasped what really transpired on that plane when it gone AWOL undetected by any devices. As the owner of the technology, Boeing would be able explain to us in great detail how could it be possible for all communication system disabled all at once and what incident or scenario which lead to such event.

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