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Semenjak saya menulis di sini pada Mac 2013 sehinggalah ke Disember 2014, sudah 47 artikel yang ditulis. Ini tidak dicampur lagi dengan artikel-artikel yang disiarkan di portal mStar, akhbar The Star, FB MatRodi serta tulisan yang tidak pernah disiarkan.

Dubook Press- sebuah syarikat penerbitan buku cool telah menyuarakan hasrat untuk membukukan artikel-artikel saya. Oleh itu terhasillah buku – Saring Sebelum Mereng.

Secara jujurnya saya tidak menganggap ini sebagai ‘buku sulung’ saya tetapi lebih kepada koleksi artikel.

Apapun, ini adalah satu seruan demokratik yang mengajak masyarakat untuk memilih pendirian tanpa perlu memihak.

Ada 37 artikel kesemuanya dan pelbagai isu dikupas, Antaranya adalah isu hutang negara, defisit belanjawan, polisi BR1M, cukai GST, jurang kekayaan, krisis air Selangor, pasukan bola sepak JDT, urus niagra Panda, Malaysia Airlines, KLIA2 dan bermacam lagi.

Buku ini bakal berada di rak-rak kedai buku utama di seluruh Malaysia menjelang akhir bulan ini. Pembelian online juga boleh dibuat di DubookPress pada bulan Januari 2015.

Buku ini sudah pun dilancarkan dua hari yang lepas sempena Pesta Buku 1Malaysia di Malaysia. Pembaca MatRodi yang mahu mendapatkan buku ini bolehlah ke PWTC sehingga 14 Disember ini. Harga senaskah adalah RM20.


Selamat Membaca!


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It can’t be denied that the Europeans have the luxury to travel more often than us. Therefore, when they travel to any parts of the world, they bring together their values to us.

There come the concept of globalisation, liberalisation and freedom. Freedom starts by liberating themselves from the monarch. They wanted the freedom to participate in decision-making process. That is understandable considering how ruthless their Kings were. And then they started the struggle to champions a woman cause to allow them to vote. Just vote. But shortly after that, the demands have been expanded to many other things. Eventually so many things can do.

Apparently the word freedom has been galvanized to liberalize people from many barriers such as moral barrier, religion barrier, and value barrier.

Why should people be constrained to certain things? Why can’t we have sex with whoever we want? Why the government has to dictate society’s behaviour? What is wrong with unlimited freedom as long as we mind our own business? And the list goes on.

So we can see today in the world of the euro centric world, such unacceptable values are accepted- no matter how unthinkable the ‘new value’ is.

Unfortunately, people in Asia (Malaysia included) are too fond to copy them. They would love to copy the Europeans slavishly. As the saying goes ‘one size doesn’t fit all’, the same goes to their moral values and our culture. Asians should never be like the Europeans.

The ever low-confidence Malaysians seem to be gullible on this thing. They refuse to be critical to the Europeans simply because they believe Europeans are mighty.

Today what is important for them is freedom. They subscribe to the idea to enjoy life without restriction. So the process of ‘liberalisation’ of the society need to follow the Europeans way.

We should ask those Malaysian- are they going to be a euro centric person?

It’s not that we can’t copy whatever the good thing the Europeans did. I believe democracy is still the best system. It is so because we need someone to govern us. And it would be good for that someone to command the support from the majority.

But at the same time, we must set the line what is the limitation of democracy. Already we have seen what happened in Ukraine. They wanted the right to demonstrate. The elected government had no choice but to respect the wishes of the people. The police has no business to control the crowd. As a result, you see what happened in their country today. Indirectly it has contributed to the MH17 tragedy.

How about human rights? Yes, we should have human rights, but if we have no limit, human tend to do whatever he thinks is his right. It should be noted that not everyone would think the same thing in terms of right and wrong. Some people may choose to go naked outside and they believe it’s their right to do so.

Sooner or later, it would be anarchy because there are people who always wanted to create problem and destabilize the society.

We were condemned because we have ISA before. But they forgot who the one who gives us the ISA. When we want to establish rules and order in the society by enforcing the Sedition Act, the human rights activists cry foul. Even unthinkable is to hear the call to abolish Dangerous Drugs Act. There must be something wrong with this person.

The truth is, there is no such thing as a totally free society. If you want to have a society, you must have some restriction. You must have to respect religion, and human moral values. Americans know this very well and that’s why they have introduced a much worse of ISA- the Patriot Act.

Having said that, should the youth of Malaysia allowing them to be ‘dictated’ by the thinking of such hypocrites people?

We must remember that Malaysia is a multiracial country. It is more multiracial than any other country. In our country we retained our identity, cultures, religion, language and values. So this society must have so many restrictions. Therefore, it is illogical to have a free society because allowing such thing will result to everyone is at each others throat.

This is the challenge for the youth of today- the intelligentsia of Malaysia. The blindly call for greater freedom, liberalisation, human rights have crept into our society.

Knowing the limitless freedom will result to moral decadence in a society, the Malaysian’s youth must think for themselves. We must not be too euro centric. We should have an independent mind where we can think of what is good for us and not slavishly follow what is the practice of the Europeans. If not, it means that you are a slave to them.

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As a Selangorian, what happens in Selangor is really disturbing. Even it is quite scary. The issue of Menteri Besar of Selangor can’t be taken lightly. In fact, it must be seen in the wider context and not just hovering around the question of whether Tan Sri Khalid will stay or not.

Selangorians must prepare for the worst. This is because the state will be leaderless and directionless for longer they can imagine. Most likely it will remain so until PRU14.

Let us analyse the situation further.

Firstly Pakatan Rakyat in Selangor is collapsing for the simple reason; they have no better candidate than Tan Sri Khalid to be the Menteri Besar. No doubt, this is the only reason why all the component parties can’t agree n Kajang Move.

Secondly, if TS Khalid remained as Menteri Besar, he will not be able to govern the state according to his wishes. Just imagine, some of his Exco Members, local councillors and supporters are against him and will likely to do anything to ensure the downfall of him.

Any policies proposed by TS Khalid will depend on the support from a component party (PAS) and the opposition party (UMNO) since his own party (PKR) and DAP are not behind him. Therefore, the policy cannot be implemented and things will remain the same, even it needed to be changed. What’s more, there is a real possibility of sabotage within his government.

Any attempt to ‘neutralize’ the anti-MB faction will be seen as undemocratic and will be exposed to the public. Infighting, indecisiveness, and instability will erode investor’s confidence. In the end, TS Khalid will become a lame duck Menteri Besar, just like any civil servants who wait for their retirement age to come. They are unlikely to be aggressive, visionary and just ‘play it safe’.

But does it mean that things will get better if the MB Selangor changed? Not necessarily. As a matter of fact, it may be worse.

If Pakatan Rakyat manages to replace TS Khalid, the new MB did not have the full support of all component parties. Not only the new MB needs to compromise in order to appease each party, practically speaking, the new MB will forever be exposed to power grabs just like what has happened to Tan Sri Khalid. It may be Azmin Ali- the MB Selangorians never have. It could be PAS or DAP- the party with the most seats. Or it may go back to TS Khali d again. Anything is possible. The point is, ‘what you give, you get back’.

The new MB will spend most of the time to pacify people who sulk and to fend off any political attacks and manouvres from political nemesis. If this is the case, when the new-MB will actually govern? This situation is like some GLC CEOs who work only to appease their political master so that their contract will be renewed. In the context of Selangor, the chairman is no other than the husband of the new MB. Nepotism much?

Apart from the mentioned possibility, the most pressing question is, can Dr Wan Azizah provide a radical approach in dealing with water restructuring exercise, the new highways issue and the greedy corporate tycoon in Selangor? With due respect to her, she had no experience in administration nor does she enjoys the reputation as a party president who ‘call the shots’. So is this the deal to Selangorians by offering the worse MB to lead the state?

Or is the new MB a mere puppet?

Pakatan Rakyat’s poor governance, nepotism and blatant disregard for the needs of the people have crossed the line. But Selangorians will still support them. They have no alternative. Despite all the problems, UMNO also can’t put forward anyone credible than the current warlords who would be acceptable to the Selangorians.

Even after the disastrous General Election, BN Selangor appoints the same politician who is responsible for the dismal performance of the coalition. The party machinery has failed to capitalise the MB saga to win back the trust of Selangorians. Now we heard that BN Selangor wanted Khalid Ibrahim to continue BN Selangor.

Maybe they are not interested to be in power. Or maybe for them the water fiasco, the public housing issue and the pothole problem in Selangor are acceptable. Maybe after some times being the opposition, they found that it is very much easier than to be the administrator.

BN Selangor seems to suffer from amnesia. They forgot under their administration the state recorded average growth of 7.2% for nearly 40 years compared to average 4.5% during Pakatan’s rule.

Therefore it is right to say whether TS Khalid will stay as MB or not, Selangorians are really screwed. The current MB, who according to the brilliant Rafizi Ramli, has set gold standard for administration will be replaced. His successor’s credential is questionable and they have no alternative to vote for.

It is that bad, to the extent that the politics in Selangor have to be dictated by non-Selangorians such as those from Permatang Pauh and Kemaman. Seriously, where have all the Selangor politicians gone?

Selangorians, you (we) are really screwed.


Ps: The Selangor state government is in the process of finalising the restructuring of water industry that will ensure water supply for the state.


Selayang, Selangor

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