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Social Anarchy


Democracy is not the easiest way to govern a country. More often than not it fails to bring about stability, much less prosperity. It is disruptive because it tends to encourage sudden changes in policies and directions with each change in Government will result to wholesale adjustments by the people and the administrative machinery. In other words, it is disruptions in the life of almost all. But surprisingly for more than 50 years democracy has worked and served us very well.

They were a time when a democratically elected Government in Malaysia was respected by the people. Being a ‘Yang Berhormat’ was truly an honorable position in the eyes of society. What more to become a minister. Whatever policies that have been made will be carried out without hesitation. Even though it may faced protests from some minority groups, but more often than not this opposition will not undermine the credibility of the Government.

The courts appear to be above criticism. They can still hand out judgements. Even the security force can do their work effectively in safeguard country’s security. Religious bodies from both Federal and States were  having a free hand to protect Islam’s sanctity. It seems everyone has agreed to stay out from each other’s religious business.

But today everything has changed. A weak Government who lost two-third majority is practically has become an ineffective Government.

They are ineffective because they are afraid of the opposition. Admittedly opposition in Malaysia has become stronger and bolder. But why do they need to dance to the tune of their political nemesis? When the opposition wants ISA to be abolished because it was perceived as an infringement of human rights, the Government was proudly repealed the law. Far from being credited for the effort, now the Opposition is lambasting the Government for the lack of safety in Malaysia.

The Cabinet has become a laughingstock for Malaysians. They can freely spit vulgarities against their own leader/ministers.  The Prime Minister’s remark of kangkung has gone viral and people publicly mocking him. One low-class ADUN even staged a ‘Kangkung Flash Mob’ where he was stuffing kangkung into an effigy resembling the PM. Clearly the government has its credibility. and become weak.

A weak government is unable to act decisively. Pressure on the Government can be imposed by anyone, not only the Opposition. What we are seeing today is a fruit of mob-rule culture. What was once an unaccepted behavior is now becoming a mainstream. The Government is powerless to do anything to the country because whatever they do will be opposed. Just look at the number of demonstrations- be it from the supporter of ruling parties or opposition parties.

The police can’t do anything to prevent them.  What is evident is that the rule of law cannot be imposed because those responsible for enforcing law are afraid for being accused of abusing its power. They better exercise restraint even the provocateur run riot. Sooner or later, the police will also lost its credibility.

The judiciary too are under attack now. Previously when there are some parties who were not respecting court’s decision, they will be charged for contempt of court. But today one archbishop from Selangor can publicly ask his fellow members to defy the court order. Interestingly, the people who is gullible, support his action.

When the religious authority has to act accordance to the law, they were being touted as oppressive. The media who has no sympathy to the Government and the judiciary played up the issue in the interest of their owner. When the authority investigate them, they hide behind the excuse of  ‘media freedom’.

People especially politicians try to stir up public hatred towards  the government, judiciary, police and any authorities by making a political satire. Doesn’t really matter if the video was shown during the festival. Another idiot update his FB status just to insinuate a religious body for prohibiting Muslims to celebrate Valentine’s day. But who cares? Police won’t do anything.

The most unthinkable is when some people repudiate  the call by Yang DiPertuan Agong- the head of the country and Islam to adhere country’s law and order by claiming this a secular country and the YDPA has no power and business to tell them this and that.

Indeed we have more freedom than ever. But there must be a limit to any kind of freedom. The extreme degree of freedom in people’s behaviour will lead to social anarchy. Anarchy, even in a limited area of human activity is bad for the society and members of the society,

Therefore, there must be someone to determine when the limit has been reached and to take action to stop it. What better authority than an elected Government to determine and to enforce the limit.

Understandably, Malaysians will argue the same freedom has existed in many liberal democracy countries and yet they are modern and developed. They are wrong. In most of these countries, Government has fallen without being able to improve the lot of the people only to be replaced by new government which are equally powerless to fix the nation. Their government is so afraid to the media, the people and why a country should spend so much money to elect a non-government is a mystery.

This explain why this trend is unhealthy especially to a multiracial country like Malaysia. It is not about the current ruling party is weak. Even if the Opposition manage to be the government, they will also face the same difficulty if there is no respect to the government or authorities.


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Is Democracy Dead?

Several ‘Blackout505’ rallies in protest of the election result are no doubt quite a success. At least the Opposition Leader can claim legitimacy to continue his struggle to become the Prime Minister of Malaysia because it seems ‘the rakyat has said so’.

The stated objective of the rallies is to reject the outcome of General Election because the government of the day can only garnered 47% support from the people. Because of that, democracy in Malaysia seems to be dead. But is it fair to paint democracy in Malaysia is dead simply because the ruling party has lost popular votes? If first-past-the-post (FPTP) voting system adopted by Malaysia is considered undemocratic, so does United Kingdom.

Is Malaysia an undemocratic country as claimed by the detractors? I think not.

Looking at election result alone may allow ourselves to be biased due to partisan view. It should be noted that democracy is also about freedom to speak, to assemble and to associate.

It is common nowadays whenever people have something to grouse, they will go straight to the Prime Minister, even if the matter is about water disruption in their area. Why don’t they seek solution to the relevant authorities is still a mystery. Sometimes they held the government to ransom and demand this and that. Obviously the current weak and unpopular government has no choice but to bow down to the demand.

Where can you find a country the civil servants can threaten and forced the government to make a U-turn about the new salary scheme that was purely intended to revamp the bloated and inefficient civil servants?

Only in this country, the government education policy can be sabotaged by the stakeholders. The inconsistency of PPSMI is very telling.

Worse is, some government secret and private information can be leaked by the officials.

The corporate deal like share swap can be rescinded due to the strong pressure from workers union.

Genuine foreign investor namely those in rare earths business has been put under Parliament Select Committee’s (PSC) scrutiny because of public uproar.

Here, politicians are free to switch camps- jumping from one to another without the law forbids it. This happened if they no longer hold the same view with the party they represented.

It is in Malaysia that someone who made fun of the national anthem; or made seditious comments about flying the national flag upside down; or undermining a national Olympic hero; can walk freely without being prosecuted.

In fact, Malaysian has also freely spit vulgarities against their own Royalties, Prime Minister and their families.

One should wonder whether such is possible in the “greatest democracies in the world” such as USA, UK, India, Indonesia … or Singapore?

Looking at reasons stated above, it is obvious Malaysians are free to speak, to assemble and to associate albeit these rights are not absolute. Thus, it can be said that democracy is very much alive.

Is democracy dead in Malaysia? Ask yourself.

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