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Demands of COMANGO

Malaysia does not wish to accept western ideas about human rights as interpreted by the West. This does not mean that we reject human rights altogether. It simply means that we do not agree to the western interpretation of human rights.

Well, where do we differ? Simply put, we believe in the well-being of the majority while respecting the rights of the minority or the individual to do as they wish as long as they do not negate the rights of the majority. The West believes otherwise where the right of individual is supreme.

Inspired by the West, 54 NGOs called COMANGO has brought 13 resolutions on human rights to the United Nations. It is hope that the Government will be pressured to bow down to their demands ie freedom for Muslims to convert, recognition of same sex orientation, legalised LGBT and ultimately to turn Malaysia into a secular country

Failing to comply with these demands, Malaysia- as suggested by COMANGO, will become a laughingstock for the rest of the world.

By comparison to many developing countries, Malaysia is politically liberal but its liberalism does not extend to a license to abuse freedom at the expense of the people and the nation. The kind of unlimited liberal democracy preached by the West- the darling of the COMANGO- is not for us. They only preach unlimited democracy because they do not think they will be threatened by it. But when threatened they will do exactly what they tell others not to do. Remember Patriot Act and Guantanamo.

It may seem old-fashioned for the Government to be the guardian of the people’s morality. The liberals would like to think that the people know what is good for them and Government has no business to supervise them.

But an elected Government is more representative of the people’s viewpoint than the intellectually progressive liberals. The liberals really represent only themselves, a minority.

If they wish to represent the people, they can set up their own political party and contest in the elections. But today, the people still elect the same Government- whom they know fully their platform on human rights to represent them. Therefore, there is no way for COMANGO to force their views on the elected Government.

In fact the time has come for the Government to exercise their legitimacy in dealing with COMANGO. They should not be tolerated because human nature being such, they can and do gain influence among the gullible.

In a democracy, the majority does not always determine the outcome of an election. They often divided and fragmented. And frequently, it is the organised minority which determines the winner, throwing their votes behind those willing to pander their wishes for the sake of nominal power.

The Government must be shrewd since it is not easy to foresee what this agitator has in mind. But the Government must try to read the signs even if inaccurately. The Government may even abuse its power. but then the people, if they really so wish, can throw out the Government.

It should be remembered that what started the process of moral decay in a country is the glorifying of freedom within a society; absolute freedom. Please do not forget the degeneration of the people of Lut.

As far as human right is concerned, we in Malaysia have nothing to be ashamed of. Our democracy and our concept of human rights and freedom are as honourable as any. Indeed in many ways we are more liberal.

For example, we allow the setting up of schools using other than national language and we finance them even. Can we do the same in these liberal democracies of the West? In one liberal country, even to construct a self-funded minaret is forbidden.

To COMANGO, you are the minority- please respect the view and sensitivity of the majority.

To Government, please exercise your legitimacy- or else you can kiss goodbye for the very people who support you.

To Opposition, don’t sell yourself for nominal power. There are many other ways to become a government.


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